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Pre Order Now Ever Calm and VS-1 Deer Scent For The 2012 Season. NEWS! Order with us and save money, we don't charge sales tax as other stores do!

Purchase your Ever Calm and VS-1 deer scent products now to ensure early delivery for deer hunting season in 2012. You have seen the outdoor hunting shows such as Allen Warren and Tom Nelson (American Archer) and you probably know VS1 deer scent sells out every season. Conquest the buck of a lifetime. Don't miss out on getting the world's best and most powerful deer scent. Many deer hunters miss out on the opportunity to use VS1 because they wait till the last minute. Order your VS-1 deer scents now with the most trusted and #1 deer scent distributor in the United States to have it shipped in time for your next deer hunt.  Please don't wait if you are a serious hunter wanting the best deer lure attractant on the market.

BECOME THE DEER! We have taken our patented stick process and made the application of our Ever Calm Deer Herd ™ in a Bottle easier and more convenient for the hunter. Advantages of the stick are: ease of application, re-sealable container, no spilling or leaking, will not freeze or break down in temperatures under 100 degrees. The quick application to all types of surfaces in your hunting area makes your area smell like a deer bedding area. Maybe used as a cover scent when applied to your hunting boots or clothing. This product is the GREATEST Deer cover scent on the market today!

deer herd bottle

Order Ever Calm Deer Herd Bottle Here!
Ever Calm Deer Herd Stick

Order Ever Calm Deer Herd Stick Here!

vs1 deer herd scent

VS-1 the most powerful WhiteTail buck attractant in the world!

The only Whitetail buck attractant that has vaginal secretions extracted from individual does that are in the peak of their estrus cycle.  We now have a collection process so unique to this industry that it is patented.  We actually synchronize does with hormones so they super ovulate, resulting in a higher volume of pheromones.  Each doe is then tested to ensure she is at the peak of her cycle.  The vaginal secretions are then collected along with the pheromone-saturated urine, thus creating our VS-1.  There is no other Deer Scent product like it on the market today.

No other product has or can use our patented process. VS-1 estrus scent is 100% pure. This is why our deer scents are in limited supply and have sold out every year.

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VS-1 Deer Scent
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